Salesforce Apps for August 2021

App Summary August 21

Welcome to our article detailing our recommended Salesforce Apps for August 2021.

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Campaign Member Helper

Campaign Member Helper allows end-users to produce reports outside of their permission restrictions. This aspect alone makes this app very useful and highly beneficial.

The goods news doesn’t end there either. By installing this app end users will also be able to use the search function to filter and mass attach Leads and Contacts to the relevant Campaign.

And believe it or not, the good news just keeps coming! As this app is completely free of charge.

People often say the best things in life are free (Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson, what a combination!) – on this occasion we’re pleased to say, they’re absolutely right.

Salesforce Apps for August '21
Figure 1: Campaign Member Helper


DemandTools is one of the most versatile and secure data management applications available for Salesforce, allowing users to maintain and cleanse data held within the CRM quickly and efficiently.

With this app users have the functionality to find and merge duplicate records for both standard and custom objects, whilst also being able to convert and connect Leads to matching Contacts and Accounts.

Included within the bundle DemandTools (by Validity) have to offer, you will also receive DupeBlocker – an integrated, real-time duplication blocker, and PeopleImport – preventing duplicate Contact records during import.

Salesforce Apps for August 2021
Figure 2: DemandTools (by Validity)

Salesforce Inspector

Salesforce Inspector is a Chrome and Firefox browser extension that allows administrators and developers to inspect data (including metadata) directly from the Salesforce user interface.

Regardless of whether there are hidden fields on the page layout, using this plug-in makes it incredibly easy to see data against all fields, all from a simple – well, 2 – clicks of a button.

Our team relies upon Salesforce Inspector every day, and not only does it make life much easier, it saves a great deal of time and therefore, money too.

Salesforce Apps for August 2021
Figure 3: Salesforce Inspector

Profile Photo Motivator

Profile Photo Motivator is a fun app to have installed on your org as it encourages users to upload a photo to their profile. Profile pictures help make the system more personal, and if you have a large number of users across many different departments, they can help break down barriers, encourage a greater team spirit, and enhance user adoption of the system.

If users fail to upload a photo within a specified time frame, this app will automatically assign them a picture – but it won’t be just any normal picture – they’re all based on unpopular fictional characters. It could be Jar-Jar Binks (this must be one of the worst!?) from The Phantom Menace or King Joffrey (surely, the absolute worst!?) from Game of Thrones.

Needless to say, this should motivate the culprit(s) to upload their own photo very quickly.

Salesforce Apps for August 2021
Figure 4: Profile Photo Motivator

Thank you for reading about our recommended Salesforce Apps for August 2021. We hope you enjoyed it – please check back again next month for our next instalment.

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