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Top 5 Salesforce Apps – Our Favourites

Top 5 Salesforce Apps

Throughout our time as Salesforce partners,’ we have researched and installed many different applications, not only for our customers, but for our own organisation too.

There are many apps to choose from on the AppExchange, so how do you know which are the best ones? The answer is staring you in the face 😊 – continue reading this article.

So here are our top 5 Salesforce apps (just to be clear, they are not listed in any particular order).

Resource Hero

Resource Hero is a fantastic application that provides you with the ability to have a birds-eye view of your teams’ workload, not only at the present time, but in the future as well.

Having the functionality to visualise this information allows you to allocate and distribute work accordingly, thus maximising efficiency, whilst ensuring you have adequate utilisation to complete projects within the designated timeframe.

Combine that with some of the best support we’ve ever experienced from any software and you have, what we believe to be, the best resource management platform on the AppExchange.

Resource Hero is available to download here.

Resource Hero
Figure 1: Resource Hero


This application makes a fantastic addition for users that need to create customised PDF documents from within Salesforce. Using GoCloudz provides the ability to merge Salesforce data directly into the PDF, whilst also providing the ability to add logos, headers, footers, dynamic tables, and many more.

We could continue listing the capabilities of the system, but there are so many, it’s probably easier that you check them out directly here.

Go Cloudz integrates perfectly with DocuSign – which leads us on nicely to one of our other highly favoured apps..

Figure 2: GoCloudz


If you or your team are constantly sending documents out for eSignature using external email systems, then why not do this directly from Salesforce? It’s so much easier, and the benefits of this app go much deeper.

DocuSign allows users to track documents that have been sent out awaiting signature, whilst providing them with the ability for documents to be saved and sent directly from the related record. Just imagine how much time this could save your users?

You can download DocuSign here.

Figure 3: DocuSign

Lucidchart for Quip

Firstly, if you don’t use Quip, then we would strongly recommend that you do so. For more information on Quip please click here. We use Quip, a LOT!

Once you have Lucidchart installed on your org, you’ll be able to use a command within Quip to immediately begin using the software, providing you with a choice of templates or create new diagrams from scratch. It’s a very useful and powerful tool, featuring responsive drag and drop, auto aligning, together with formatting options.

With Lucidchart you’ll be creating flowcharts, network diagrams and UML diagrams in next to no time. To cap it all off, the software is also super intuitive to use.

Click here for Lucidchart.

Figure 4: Lucidchart for Quip

Calendar Anything

Calendar Anything is much more than just a calendar system – it has the added functionalities of project management and campaign management, plus so much more.

This app allows users to zoom in on particular details or look at a whole group for an overarching picture, and all from within Salesforce.

You also have the ability to visualise any objects within Salesforce against a calendar. Need to see your staff allocations, project delivery milestones, or forecasted work orders in a variety of ways? Look no further.

Furthermore, installing and configuring Calendar Anything really couldn’t be easier. You’ll have it up and working in no time whatsoever.

Calendar Anything is available to download here.

Calendar Anything
Figure 5: Calendar Anything

And that’s it for my top 5 Salesforce apps.

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