How to Write a Good Email Subject Line

how to write a good email subject

Over the years, social media and other promo channels have experienced increased popularity. However, emails have steadily become the fastest and most-effective way of attracting and retaining new prospects. 

As your content’s first impression is crucial, it is imperative that the subject line of your email gives your existing or potential customers the first opportunity to assess your products or services before any visual clues are obtainable.  

This article will tell you how to write a good email subject line.

The question is, how do you craft an email that captures attention and explains why it’s worthwhile to open it?

Marketers often miss the mark by not paying attention to that single line of copy. The art of writing a compelling subject line is crucial to getting someone to open an email and read it.  

So how do you create an effective subject line? It all comes down to writing something that triggers an emotional reaction that the reader will want to read more. This response can be achieved in several ways.

Here are some ideas on how to write a good email subject:


Define your subject line in a question format – addressing a specific need

Your customers have concerns that keep them up at night. If you want to experience higher conversion rates, it is important to leverage psychology tactics. For example, by addressing those issues as a question in your subject line. This will peak the reader’s interest and draw them to the value your email content has to offer. 


Keep it short and sweet!

When thinking about how to write a good email subject, keeping it concise is a tactic that can help boost your open rates. You can capture the details in the email’s body, so only provide the most important details in the subject line. A decent rule of thumb is to utilise no more than 50 characters and keep your subject line to under 10 words.  



Threatening the status quo is another effective method for defining your subject line. You’ll undoubtedly receive a lot of clicks if you can create a line of copy that makes your audience feel uncomfortable or challenges their preconceived notions 

Now that you have a good idea on how to write a good email subject, Put it into practice and let us know how you get on!