Does Salesforce Work For Agencies?

Does Salesforce Work For Agencies?

Absolutely, and for agencies of all sizes. At Marketing Logic we spend a lot of our time shattering the misconception of Salesforce as a CRM tool and educating agencies about the many capabilities of the solution and how these provide a perfect fit for agencies across various disciplines.

How Do You Use Salesforce To Help Agencies?

The quick answer is end-to-end engagement. So many bigger agencies have grown through acquisition which has led to multiple systems being in place for different teams, or legacy technology, which has been implemented through necessity of the market – not historically providing fit for purpose solutions for agencies. Smaller agencies are often looking to the market to help find point solutions when perhaps a scalable end-to-end solution would be best. We help implement Salesforce for agencies of all sizes.

Typical use cases include the following:

Opportunity Management
    • Revenue Scheduling – agencies need to be able to schedule revenue over a period of months for several reasons. This may be the period of a campaign or it may relate to a retainer that covers fixed costs
    • Performance Related Costs – Costs often need to be forecast based on metrics such as CPM rates
    • 3rd Party Costs – Opportunities will often have 3rd party costs associated with them that need to be deducted from the total figure to provide an accurate picture of revenue. These may be production costs, talent, specialist agencies etc
    • Team Collaboration – There are often multiple parties involved in an opportunity process with parties collaborating over documents and campaign planning
Campaign Management
    • Once an opportunity closes and a deal has been won, a different team needs to pick that work up and deliver the campaign. We help share information between the sale and delivery and monitor the progress of the campaign
Resource Planning
    • Resource planning within an agency is often challenging, planning teams to allocate jobs to, tracking the actual time booked and forecasting utilization rates is all part of day-to-day agency operations and commercial management
Freelance Engagement
    • Planning doesn’t just relate to agencies it can also be about how you track and manage what resources you need and provide an accurate picture of campaign costs
Account Management
    • Account plans are central to any agency growth and we help to provide a central location for collaborating on account growth. We will also provide the ability to relate other agencies to a hierarchy of client brands. This can support complex relationships that then make reporting on growth opportunities easy
Customer / Partner Portals
    • We provide agencies with the ability to open up part of their organization to 3rd parties or customers to engage with them
Marketing Solutions
    • The way in which an agency goes to market is reflective and can be seen by prospective customers as representative of the way they might engage with their organization. We help them to provide customized, targeted marketing solutions
Complex Reporting
    • Agencies often must bring multiple data sources together to provide accuracy of reporting. Salesforce gives us robust tools to bring those data sources together and give strong analytics.

Whether you are a small agency or a multinational full-service agency, Salesforce is ready to help you scale.

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