Useful Salesforce Formulas and Validation Rules

Useful Salesforce Formulas and Validation Rules

Salesforce formulas and validation rules can be challenging and a headache at times. To offer a helping hand, here are 5 useful ones I have created, and used this year.

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Useful Salesforce formulas and validation rules

Opportunity Lost and Loss, Turned Down By Reason required,

When an Opportunity has been closed lost it is always useful to obtain the reason why. This validation rule gives us this exactly. For this, we are using multiple picklists fields in the rule.

Error Condition Formula

OR (
ISPICKVAL( Event_Stage__c , "Closed Lost")),
(ISBLANK(TEXT( Turndown_By__c )) ||
(ISBLANK(TEXT( Loss_Reason__c )))

Error Message – Please provide a value for Turndown By and Loss Reason when the Opportunity has been lost.

Formula to set the Region Field based on the Country

One use case was to display the region where the client was based without using automation. We used the mailing address country of the contact to create an automated region field.

IF(CONTAINS("Australia:Fiji:Kiribati:Marshall Islands:Micronesia:Nauru:New Zealand:Palau:Papua New Guinea:Samoa:Soloman Islands:Tonga:Tuvalu:Vanuata", MailingCountry), "Oceania",
IF(CONTAINS("Argentina:Bolivia:Brazil:Chile:Colombia:Ecuador:Guyana:Paraguay:Peru:Suriname:Uruguay:Venezuela", MailingCountry), "South America",
IF(CONTAINS("Antigua and Barbuda:Bahamas:Barbados:Belize:Canada:Costa Rica:Cuba:Dominica:Dominican Republic:El Salvador:Grenada:Guatemala:Haiti:Honduras:Jamaica:Mexico:Nicaragua:Panama:Saint Kitts and Nevis:Saint Lucia:Saint Vincent and the Grenadines:Trinidad and Tobago:United States:USA", MailingCountry), "North America",
IF(CONTAINS("Albania:Andorra:Armenia:Austria:Azerbaijan:Belarus:Belgium:Bosnia and Herzegovina:Bulgaria:Croatia:Cyprus:Czech Republic:Denmark:Estonia:Finland:France:Georgia:Germany:Greece:Hungary:Iceland:Ireland:Italy:Latvia:Liechtenstein:Lithuania:Luxembourg:Macedonia:Malta:Moldova:Monaco:Montenegro:Netherlands:Norway:Poland:Portugal:Romania:San Marino:Serbia:Slovakia:Slovenia:Spain:Sweden:Switzerland:Ukraine:United Kingdom:Vatican City", MailingCountry), "Europe",
IF(CONTAINS("United Arab Emirates:Bahrain:Iran:Iraq:Israel:Jordan:Kuwait:Lebanon:Oman:Palestine:Qatar:Saudi Arabia:Syria:Yemen", MailingCountry), "Middle East",
IF(CONTAINS("Afghanistan:Bangladesh:Bhutan:Brunei:Burma (Myanmar):Cambodia:China:East Timor:India:Indonesia:Japan:Kazakhstan:North Korea:South Korea:Kyrgyzstan:Laos:Malaysia:Maldives:Mongolia:Nepal:Pakistan:Philippines:Russia:Russian Federation:Singapore:Sri Lanka:Tajikistan:Thailand:Turkey:Turkmenistan:United Arab Emirates:Uzbekistan:Vietnam", MailingCountry), "Asia",
IF(CONTAINS("Algeria:Angola:Benin:Botswana:Burkina:Burundi:Cameroon:Cape Verde:Central African Republic:Chad:Comoros:Congo:Congo, Democratic Republic of:Djibouti:Egypt:Equatorial Guinea:Eritrea:Ethiopia:Gabon:Gambia:Ghana:Guinea:Guinea-Bissau:Ivory Coast:Kenya:Lesotho:Liberia:Libya:Madagascar:Malawi:Mali:Mauritania:Mauritius:Morocco:Mozambique:Namibia:Niger:Nigeria:Rwanda:Sao Tome and Principe:Senegal:Seychelles:Sierra Leone:Somalia:South Africa:South Sudan:Sudan:Swaziland:Tanzania:Togo:Tunisia:Uganda:Zambia:Zimbabwe", MailingCountry), "Africa", NULL

Formula to set the Time Zone Field based on the State

We work with a client that has a big US client base. It’s useful for the business to know the time zone for each client so they knew when to contact them and market to them. Check out the formula I used to make this possible below.

IF(ISBLANK(MailingState ), NULL,
IF(CONTAINS("Guam (GU):Northern Mariana Islands(MP)", MailingState ), "UTC+10: Chamorro Standard Time (ChT)",
IF(CONTAINS("Hawaii(HI)", MailingState ), "UTC-10: Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time (HAT)",
IF(CONTAINS("American Samoa", MailingState ), "UTC-11: Samoa Standard Time (ST)",
IF(CONTAINS("Puerto Rico (PR):United States Virgin Islands (USVI)", MailingState ), "UTC−4: Atlantic Standard Time (AST)",
IF(CONTAINS("Connecticut(CT):Delaware(DE):District of Columbia(DC):Florida(FL):Georgia(GA):Indiana(IN):Maine(ME):Maryland(MD):Massachusetts(MA):Michigan(MI):New Hampshire(NH):New Jersey(NJ):New York(NY):North Carolina(NC):Ohio(OH):Pennsylvania(PA):Rhode Island(RI):South Carolina(SC):Vermont(VT):Virginia(VA):West Virginia(WV)", MailingState ), "UTC−5: Eastern Standard Time (ET)",
IF(CONTAINS("Alabama(AL):Arkansas(AR):Illinois(IL):Iowa(IA):Kansas(KS):Kentucky(KY):Louisiana(LA):Minnesota(MN):Mississippi(MS):Missouri(MO):Nebraska(NE):North Dakota(ND):Oklahoma(OK):South Dakota(SD):Tennessee(TN):Texas(TX):Wisconsin(WI)", MailingState ), "UTC−6: Central Standard Time (CT)",
IF(CONTAINS("Arizona(AZ):Colorado(CO):Montana(MT):New Mexico(NM):Utah(UT):Wyoming(WY)", MailingState ), "UTC−7: Mountain Standard Time (MT)",
IF(CONTAINS("California(CA):Nevada(NV):Oregon(OR):Washington(WA)", MailingState ), "UTC−8: Pacific Standard Time (PT)",
IF(CONTAINS("Alaska(AK):", MailingState ), "UTC-9: Alaska Standard Time (AKT)",NULL

Formula Field on Campaign Member to display the Last time the Contact or Lead was Last Active(Tracked in Pardot)

For this, we have a customer with multiple campaigns and they were looking for an easy way in Salesforce when looking at campaign members to display, sort by, and easily report on, when records were last active.

IF (ISBLANK( DATETIMEVALUE( Lead.pi__last_activity__c )),Contact.pi__last_activity__c,
IF (ISBLANK( DATETIMEVALUE( Contact.pi__last_activity__c )),Lead.pi__last_activity__c,NULL))

Set a Default Value in Date & Time Field

For the final formula, when creating a record the client wanted the default time and date value to be set. The below sets the date to today and start time for 7 am.


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