Time Management In Salesforce

time management in salesforce

As a consultancy that works with multiple clients, accurate time management is crucial. We investigated further and arrived at a solution that was easy for us to use across the business. We turned to an app on the AppExchange, Resource Hero to get our time management in Salesforce. This now gives us a single source of truth, full transparency, and the ability to forecast our utilisations accurately.

Resource Hero for Projects

Is Resource Hero the right fit for you? The questions below will help you determine the right solution. We answered yes to quite a few, so after a demo by Bill Kuehler, the Founder of Resource Hero. We knew the product was for us.

  • Do your employees typically work on multiple projects and multiple customers?
  • Is all your resource forecasting, time tracking and project management spread out over several tools and spreadsheets?
  • Are you able to confidently say how busy each member of your team will be, weeks and months from now?
  • Do you find other tools too expensive, overblown, or inflexible for your needs?
  • Are you adequately equipped to use reports from past work to improve the accuracy of future work?
  • Do you find your people are sometimes overworked and other times underutilised, and wish you could balance the workload?
  • Are you making staffing decisions based on intuition without the use of any quantitative data?

Resource Hero now allows us to track time against individuals in one place. The entire team’s time can be viewed against projects, forecasted out to see any upcoming choke points, and also be easily reported on in any way we like. Time management in Salesforce has been made so easy with such a great application.

What about Managed Service Time?

Does your business offer a managed service to your clients that involves tickets or cases? Then ideally, you need to track time at a case level. That is something we at Marketing Logic needed to implement. Resource Hero is primarily designed for projects but can easily be tweaked to fulfil other needs. In our situation with managed service, Rollup Helper was the answer.

The Rollup Helper App

With Rollup Helper, you can roll-up various Salesforce data types from standard and custom objects. Learn more about Rollup Helper, click here.

Taken from the app exchange, here are some of the great features under the free edition.

  • Three rollups
  • Real-time and scheduled rollup functionality
  • Sum, max, min, average, count rollups
  • Checkbox and text rollups
  • Support for standard and custom objects
  • 100% Salesforce native
  • Access to excellent support staff

The Solution

We installed Rollup Helper into our Salesforce Org and then created some custom fields on the case object and our project record. We then configured Rollup Helper to rollup times entries from the cases into the project against our new fields. This now allows us to see both the time spent on an individual case and time spent on the managed service as a whole.

This solution works perfectly. We easily report on our utilisation, and within minutes we can send a detailed report to a client.

As you can see, RH Total Forecast Hours and RH Total Actual Hours are standard Resource Hero fields. With Rollup Helper now in play for cases, we use our RH Case Hours Used field. This counts total hours spent on cases. We then have an additional field, ‘RH Total Hours Used’. This adds project hours and case hours together.

What’s next?

If you are a business or looking to implement time management in Salesforce, then please get in touch as this is something we can help with by bringing these two amazing apps together.

Find out more

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