The Salesforce Ecosystem – A Beginners Perspective

Prior to joining Marketing Logic, my experience of working with a CRM system had been as an End User. I had used Salesforce in the past (limited to the now defunct Salesforce ‘Classic’ platform), and other CRM’s including SAP and Pipeline. I had absolutely no idea how vast the Salesforce ecosystem is.

So what have I learnt from my first 4 weeks working with Marketing Logic? The answer is, a lot!

Compared to other CRM systems, it is obvious why the Salesforce ecosystem is leading the world – the possibilities of what their software is capable of is nothing short of incredible. I had never heard of Pardot before, and I’ve been equally blown away by the seemingly endless capabilities and benefits that this software can offer to businesses that are looking to optimise their marketing strategies – regardless of their size or position within their market. The world of how customers are interacting with companies (and conversely, how they expect to be interacted with) is rapidly changing, and in order to remain ahead of the competition, Salesforce could be what sets you apart, helping you work smarter and being more targeted in your approach.

Having the ability to learn how to configure and implement Salesforce programs with an organisation with the levels of professionalism and expertise that Marketing Logic offer is a dream come true. Marketing Logic is a company that prides itself on taking more of a consultancy driven approach when working with their customers. We take the time to understand internal processes and building the software to work in line with their customers’ existing methods of how they expect business to be carried out.

Most software implementation businesses do not have the expertise or knowledge to work in such a way, meaning that the customer may have to amend their methods to work in accordance with how the software has been configured. This is why we stand out amongst our competitors and is another reason why I consider myself to be incredibly fortunate to be working as part of the team.

Prior to joining Marketing Logic, I had a career, but it was a career I found myself falling in to – like a lot of people in life. However, now I can see the benefits that obtaining ‘Salesforce’ accredited qualifications can provide me and my family with – the opportunities are practically endless, with the only real limiting factor being how far you want to go as an individual.

I look forward to becoming a Pardot Specialist in the near future, progressing to Consultant, and then obtaining as many other certifications as possible. The future is bright for the Salesforce Ecosystem, so if you find yourself wondering is it worth it, then hopefully you will find this blog useful in helping you decide.

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