Integrating Salesforce to Xero – How Hard Is It?

Integrating Salesforce to Xero
Why Did We Make The Switch To Xero?

We spent 8yrs as dedicated users of an accounting package. We were comfortable (if a little frustrated) and they felt like a brand to trust. Then Xero started to nag. We saw it everywhere. Customers used it, friends used it. We could see why. The UX was a game changer compared to our old platform.

So, we get Xero. Our first thought as Salesforce partners is ‘What are our options for integration?’. Our second thought is ‘How can we automate those options further and make our jobs and our clients jobs easier?’.

As team of Consultants / Developers, the tendency is to march on hollering ‘build something new’! However, we can see that Xero is effective solution for small and growing businesses that don’t have the time for custom work.

We now have many customers integrating Salesforce to Xero, and for all of them, we use Breadwinner as our preferred integration partner.

Why Should You Make The Switch to Xero Too?

Once you’ve closed an Opportunity, an invoice is immediately sent using a “Related List”. The invoice can be raised & sent by sales knowing it will include the right products and details, as those have been recorded in the opportunity. Finance is alerted a deal has closed and seconds later have access to all information they need to validate/raise an invoice.

The image below shows how the information from the opportunity is pulled into the invoice.

Integrating Salesforce to Xero 1

Once the invoice has been raised everyone permitted can have access to status.  Account Managers can see the status of their accounts to chase for payment. ‘Status Flags’ let us easily identify those we’re waiting on, or who our best payers are.

You can also make sure that Purchase Orders are raised and bills are attributed to supplier accounts. See the below image for a status overview.

Integrating Salesforce to Xero 2

Then, as with any component of Salesforce, once the fundamentals are there, we can start to build further information and reporting out around this to further enhance your process and experience.

In integrating Salesforce and Xero, the whole process becomes collaborative and cohesive by enabling sales, accounts teams and finance all to work smarter together to protect the financial health of the business.

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