Editing Salesforce Opportunities

Edit the add products screen on Salesforce Opportunities

Have you ever been asked to edit the Add Products screen on Salesforce Opportunities? Or perhaps you would like to know how you can edit the layout to make changes? If your answer is yes to either of these questions, then good news, you’re in the right place.

Default view of add products screen

After clicking ‘Add Products’ from the Salesforce Opportunity, below is the default screen that appears.

Edit the add products screen on Salesforce Opportunities
Figure 1: Add Products Screen

After selecting which products you would like to add to the opportunity, you will then progress to the next screen (Edit Selected Products) where you can select the quantity and set the sales price. Potentially there may be some fields we would like to add or remove from this layout too.

Figure 2: Edit Selected Products Screen

Edit Add Products screen

Firstly, navigate to Setup and select Object Manager. The quickest way to locate an object is using the quick find search box, so using this feature find and select the Price Book Entry object. From the side menu select Search Layouts.

Figure 3: Price Book Entry Object Side Menu

From the Search Layouts menu you will see a list of layout profiles available for editing. At this point, select the appropriate profile you wish to make changes to. In our example we have selected the default layout.

As you can see from our example below, the five selected fields match up with what we had originally. Simply select the relevant fields you wish to add or remove from the layout, making sure to press save after you’ve made your changes.

Figure 4: Edit Search Layout Screen

The Add Products screen has now been updated. If this is what you wanted to achieve, then mission accomplished – congratulations! You can now navigate back to your opportunity and witness the changes you’ve just made.

If you would like to take this one step further and make changes to the Edit Selected Products screen as well, please continue reading.

Edit Selected Products Screen

To make changes to the Edit Products Screen, select Setup and navigate to Object Manager. Using the same method we described earlier, use the search box to look for the Opportunity Product object. Select this object and click on Page Layouts from the menu on the left.

Select the appropriate page layout that you wish to edit and select Edit Multi-Line Layout.

Figure 5: Opportunity Product Layout Screen

From the screenshot below you can see that the five selected fields match up with what we saw originally in Figure 2. In the same way we edited the Add Products screen, select which fields you would to add or remove, and then make sure to hit that save button before exiting.

Edit the add products screen on Salesforce Opportunities
Figure 6: Opportunity Product Multi-Line Layout

The Results

Navigate back to your Opportunity, refresh the screen, and press Add Products.

On the first screen (Add Products), the product family field has been removed. Whilst on the second screen (Edit Selected Products), the date field has been removed.

Thank you for reading and we hope you found this blog useful.

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