Data Load Address Field into Salesforce

Ever had to data load into the address field in Salesforce, but find the address always goes onto the same line? In this quick post, I am going to show you how to ensure the address data is tabbed onto separate lines. For our example, we are going to data load to the billing address field on the Account object.

In a Few Simple Steps….

Prepare CSV for data load

**Insert Column based on your data. I am referencing my example.

but before you import add a column in between D & E as we need to consolidate columns B, C, and D.

Add the following formula to column E and adjust the range appropriately. For my example column B to D.


Under Home TAB, select Wrap Text to see the results as above.

Great work the file is now ready to load into Salesforce, save as a CSV.

Open Data Loader and map our newly created Field Full Address to Billing Street.

To note, you can use other data loading tools for this such as

Confirm and save mapping, you have now successfully carried out a Data Load to the Address Field into Salesforce, and here is the result.

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