Track Pardot Form Submissions

Use Case

On this occasion, the customer did not use Leads. And required a solution whereby they could track Pardot Form Submissions and see in one place how many enquiries a contact has ever made. If the enquiry led to a closed won or lost opportunity and have the ability to easily see this information in one place.

The main reason we used this approach and did not utilise campaigns to manage this. This is because the client needed to see within one click all enquiries (form fills only).

I personally think this solution fits if you do use Leads and do not want duplicate records. One other challenge that could be presented is that if you have a Lead in the system subsequent form fills will not create a Lead for the form fill.

The Solution

Bringing Pardot Form Submissions and using the power of automation in Salesforce (Process Builder and Flows) we came up with this solution. The client has a number of forms on their website where by anyone can register for information or a demo.

  • Once a form is submitted, contact is placed in the campaign
  • Enquiry record created (Custom Object)
  • Enquiry worked by the Business Development Team
    • Enquiry moves through the stages
    • Based on the stage an Opportunity is automatically created if interested
  • Opportunity then worked building the quote out
    • If Won – Enquiry updated to Won along with their related Campaign Member Status
    • If Lost — Enquiry updated to Won along with their related Campaign Member Status


The client can now track Pardot Form Submissions in one place on the contact record. Ability to run reports on all enquiries with their outcome. Whilst also going to the contact record see how many enquiries that individual has made or the overall number in Salesforce.

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