Pardot Template Resources – Top 5

Pardot Template Resources

The Pardot Lighting Email Builder is finally arriving in a few weeks… Finally!

Until then, if you need some quick fixes for your template troubles, look no further. Here’s some HTML-generating tools you can use to use to create reliable and functional code.

Bulletproof Pardot Email Button Generator

One of the first questions we hear whenever a customer gets Pardot is “How do we put buttons in my emails?”. The Pardot Email generator has an HTML-first approach, so you would need to code them manually. However, Jenna Molby is on hand. Follow the instructions on her Generator and enter all your styling details, and just simply paste generated HTML into your template. Job done.

BEE free

BEE Free is a template builder that you can style via drag-and-drop, then export as HTML. The free version gets you the lite drag-and-drop editor along with solid templates to choose from. The Pro version ranges from $15 – $45 per month. This gives you multiple users, a collaborative workspace, and access to a deeper email builder tool. The full comparison page can be found here.

I also recommend setting up a free account. They provide you with a series of templates to choose from, and you can save your work through their online editor. At only $7 a month, it’s a fantastic place to start.

Pardot Form Style Generator

Although your new Pardot Email will be an effective magnet, your forms need to be attractive to reel in opportunity. The standard Pardot Template Resources  are limited, so Jenna Molby strikes again with a simple, visual editor that creates forms to stay on-brand. Create a new form in Pardot, use Jenna’s style generator, then just copy and paste the CSS into your Layout Template. You can find Jenna’s tutorial here.

Litmus Coding Guide

For those with the want to create their emails from scratch, this is a thorough responsive coding guide. It will give you what you need to build your very own responsive emails with no limits. There’s also the added benefit of learning and becoming more familiar with HTML.

BONUS: Google Chrome Inspector

Ever been tasked to replicate your current form on your website with a Pardot form only to find yourself unable to get the CSS juuuust right? If you’re using Chrome, right click the area you want to see the code for and select “inspect” (you can also press F12). Find the line of code you wish to see the CSS for and hover over. You will see in the sidebar all the CSS with which classes to refer to, should you wish to change these in your templates. Here’s a handy guide.

We’ve seen many different websites over the years as a Salesforce consulting partner. This certainly isn’t a comprehensive list of Pardot template resources, but will help the next time you are looking to build an asset. Happy templating!

We’ve been in the Sales and Marketing Strategy game for longer than we care to remember, but we pride ourselves on the combined exposure our team has had to different B2B markets globally, and the strategic services we offer your business as a result.

If you are looking for Salesforce / Pardot Support with an existing Org or want to know if Salesforce or Pardot is right for you, get in touch with us for a free consultation or simply a chat. We regularly work alongside Start-ups and Enterprises alike, so we’re certain we will find you a path to growth, whatever your plans.

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