Salesforce data doesn’t update in Pardot when you convert a Lead to a Contact

Salesforce data doesn’t update in Pardot when you convert a Lead to a Contact

Here’s the problem. Salesforce data doesn’t update in Pardot when you convert a Lead to a Contact automatically. Along the nurturing process, you spend a lot of effort gathering data about the Prospect / Lead which is available to view in both Pardot and Salesforce. You are then ready to convert that Lead into a Contact to move to the Sales Process, naturally, most businesses will map that data onto the Contact record for data integrity. However, let’s say the data requirements change, and you decide to change the values available to the prospect. There are some considerations to bear in mind to maintain good data flow.

For this example, I am using a Custom Field called Hobbies.


My Lead in….



My Contact

But hold on, I have converted my Lead into a Contact, made some changes to the Hobbies field in Salesforce but Pardot has not updated. HERE’S WHY.

First off you can see my changes in Salesforce on the Contact record but Pardot still displays the original values from the Lead.





Setting up Fields in Salesforce and Pardot


If we go back to when we set the Field up as you can see below I have the Field on

Lead Object….


Contact Object…

And finally, Pardot…


Salesforce data doesn’t update in Pardot when you convert a Lead to a Contact, If you have by mistake or decided to use a different API Name for the Field on the Contact Object Pardot will not pick up any Salesforce changes as Pardot is looking for the API Name of Hobbies__c.

**NOTE: It is always wise to back up all data to ensure nothing is lost.**

I have now gone back to Salesforce and updated my Contact Field to have the same API Name.

I then synced my Contact record in Salesforce to Pardot using the send to Pardot Button or you can use the Sync with CRM in Pardot, Pardot now has the most up to date data for Hobbies allowing to target my Contacts with relevant Content.

I personally sync a couple of records to begin with to ensure data updates correctly and as expected before mass syncing records.

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