The Content Jungle – Agility Is King!

This weekend I sat on the sofa amid two kids, my fella and a glass of vino as is fairly commonplace for a Saturday night these days! Having had a manic day of football, supermarkets, taking one of the boys running in preparation for a fun run and catching up with friends – energy levels were relatively calm.

As I looked around I realised we were all sat in the same room, some watching telly, some listening to music, 2 on laptops… and one BBM’ing!  Yes, 4 people – 5 devices, all were being consumed in parallel.  Not necessary surely…

I laughed out loud, got up, turned off the telly and music, closed down my laptop and suggested we play a game!

The children looked at me like I was crazy. After some corralling we sat down to a game… albeit conceding to music and a little more vino!

  • Interesting in terms of my family life – marginally!

  • Interesting in terms of a new generation of consumers – certainly!

Exposure to content and marketing messages has changed drastically over the last few years and by the time the kids of today reach my age they will operate in a completely different world.  The way we do business is changing alongside the resulting impact on our targets!

While we as a consultancy focus our energies on getting the mechanics of marketing to work efficiently, we are wise to the increasing pressures on our client marketing teams to:

  • Ensure relevancy through targeted messaging

  • Share content and execute a single vision internally

  • Utilise multiple different channels effectively

  • Think ahead… how is your marketing organisation going to support the next big thing?

While these aspects of marketing are interesting to our inquisitive minds, there are many facets of marketing that need to be considered to get the model working in the right way to support these new pressures.  And once you have got there it is more than likely the world will have moved on!

The best way to move forward, armed to tackle the content jungle, is to ensure your marketing model is both flexible and responsive.  Make sure you’re working with a team and structure that gives you confidence that when the next Twitter, Pinterest or change in TV consumption happens, your team can adapt to support new ways of working and sharing ideas globally.

Use technology to provide insight into what is happening today and inform the working practices for tomorrow.

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