Taming The Content Monster

Managing the ever aggressive content monster is a challenge that plagues most marketers…

‘It is getting bigger…and more complex…and I am losing control!’

Those that have children may be able to relate.

Just when you think you’ve got it under control, it develops a new trait that you didn’t quite foresee!

We live in a world of increasingly digital channels, but they don’t always replace our old channels. Therefore we must simply generate more content, that must be refreshed more frequently as it is instantly consumed and instantly old hat!

And all this must be done with the same budget and the same resources… we simply need to work smarter.

Easy! …or perhaps not.

We help marketers tame the content monster day in, day out.  Getting better visibility of your marketing content is crucial, sharing what you are doing, when you are doing it, and giving others sight of the content you produce is key.  We help teams share content better, re-purposing it in a smart way that means the original investment goes further and has more impact.

We use smart software to do this.

Marketing automation is here and now and it’s the clear answer to many of today’s business challenges.

Alas…it may not help with the children!

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