How to Find and Engage New Customers

find and engage new customers

Every business owner eventually realises that the clients truly are the fuel that drives growth and long-term success. To enjoy sustainable growth, however, you must continue to acquire new ones and appropriately service them over time. To do that, you need to learn how to locate those new clients and effectively communicate your company’s message. Fortunately, there are certain strategies that you can implement to better find and engage new customers.

Why New Customers Are So Important

If you sincerely want to see real business growth, it is essential you find and engage new customers. While much of your focus should be on continuing to serve the needs of your existing customer base, there is a limit to the growth that you can achieve without broadening that base. New customers can provide you with the new revenue opportunities you need to fuel the growth your company needs to reach its goals. It’s incumbent upon you to develop a strategy that enables you to locate and attract new clients. And once you do, you need to be prepared to engage them to capture their loyalty.

Why Engagement is Critical

It’s important to understand what the term “engagement” means within the context of customer acquisition and retention. For some business owners, customer engagement is often confused with messaging. However, if you think that an effective marketing and sales message is all that you need to do to engage your customers, then you’re eventually going to lose those clients to your competitors. Why? Because today’s customers demand something more than mere messaging. They want to do businesses with companies that interact with them in a deeper and more meaningful way.

Five Things You Can Do to Find and Engage New Customers

To accomplish that deeper level of interaction, you need to give your customers a reason to be loyal to your products and your brand.  The good news is that the strategies that you can use to elicit that brand loyalty are also among the most effective ways to attract new customers. Here are five of the most successful ideas that you can incorporate into your business to find and engage new customers and build relationships that stand the test of time.

  1. Promote your company’s real value to their lives. It doesn’t matter what you sell; you need to get past the product or service and focus on how it changes customers’ lives for the better. Too many companies try to attract and engage customers by talking about how much better their offerings are than the competition. The problem is that every company does that same line, and that means that the clients often don’t know which pitch to believe. You should design your engagement strategy to focus on valuable content that informs and inspires. Remember, if your advertisements and messaging strategies are valuable to potential customers, they’ll be more apt to view your products and services in a positive light too. In other words, convince them that your company wants to solve their problems, and they’ll be more willing to hear about your solutions.


  1. Leverage technology like social media. It’s somewhat surprising that so many businesses have yet to figure out how to properly use social media to their advantage. Far too many still think of it as a time-waster or meaningless fad. In reality, social media is the new word-of-mouth venue for mass social interaction. If your company isn’t yet using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other platforms, then you’re missing a golden opportunity.


  1. Create your community. Older generations remember a time when businesses thrived in an atmosphere of shared community. The rise of Big Box stores and the internet have helped to supplant that shared community environment of the past, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t create your own. Use your online presence to start a real and sustained dialogue with your customers. Use those social media sites, blog posts, and online forums to start a two-way conversation with your clients.


  1. Be adaptable and quick to adjust your strategy. Times None of us can predict future trends with 100% accuracy. Technologies are changing. Marketing techniques grow and adapt. Customers’ tastes shift as constant changes in society alter their lives. Your company needs to focus relentlessly on staying abreast of these changes so that you can quickly adapt to and benefit from new trends in the marketplace.


  1. Keep your emphasis on that people-to-people connection. While technology offers a variety of ways for businesses to automate different processes and interactions, it’s important to remember that most people still want to deal with other people. There are few things more frustrating for a customer than being forced to deal with a machine just to remedy a problem. If you’ve ever called about a customer service issue and spent half an hour trying to reach a human representative, then you understand this all too well. Make your business about people, and you’ll find that customers will be drawn to that proposition like moths to a flame. That people-to-people connection helps to create the emotional ties that will fuel brand loyalty throughout your client base. In time, that will help you to realise the type of customer retention rate you’ll need to build a sustainable foundation for continued success while continuing to attract the new customers you need to further your expansion effort.

There is no real easy path to increased customer acquisition and retention, of course. Any strategy that you pursue will only see real results through persistence and effort. In the end, though, that energy and stubborn determination to continually find and engage new customers will pay off at every level of your business enterprise. More importantly, these strategies can help to create a business culture that is truly customer-centric, which can benefit your company in nearly every way that matters. Shape your message, use every medium available to you, and focus on creating personal relationships with prospects and long-standing customers alike. That’s the type of engagement that’s sure to get the results you need.

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